Compulsory Acquisition

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About the Compulsory Acquisition Module 

The compulsory acquisition of privately owned land by Governments and other authorised authorities is an interference with the common principles protecting private property rights. Where property professionals are engaged to represent dispossessed owners or acquiring authorities in this process, is required that they have a good knowledge of statutory procedures, case history, statutory process, law, and the ANZPS Practice Standard on this subject. Where necessary, the property professional may be required to act as an expert witness in Court proceedings concerning assessment of compensation. 

It is acknowledged that the assessment of compensation following the compulsory acquisition of land is one of the most specialised areas of valuation practice. The acquisition of private land holdings by authorised public authorities is often accompanied by disputes regarding the power of the acquiring authorities to acquire the land and the quantum of compensation payable. Such disputes are often very acrimonious and the subject of public debate. It is in this environment that the property professional must exercise his or her duties strictly in accordance with the relevant statutory and case law.

Compulsory acquisition is an exciting career option for property professionals wishing to embark upon a specialised and challenging branch of the profession.

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