Part of the Reflexive Matrix Program - A Course in Reflective & Reflexive Practice

This cell on the grid asks you to think about what you see as right and wrong, in both your personal and professional contexts, and with respect to your own life as well as the lives of others. It involves thinking about the values, behaviours and attitudes that you aspire to yourself, and that you expect from others, and the associated judgments that you make.

This involves us in reflection on ethics. Ethics is the area of philosophy that is concerned with the moral principles that govern behaviour. Ethics is ultimately aimed at distinguishing between right and wrong, although all too often, as many of us are painfully aware, that is by no means an easy call to make. In many instances we find no clear dividing line between right and wrong; instead we are presented with a fuzzy grey middle ground, where things are right by some criteria, and wrong by others. We can spend a lot of time weighing up the options, and our judgments can become complex, conflicted and ambivalent.

In addition, people can have a range of ideas as to how proactive we need to be in doing ‘right’. Does doing right, for example, simply involve not doing anything wrong? Or do we need to do more than this? And how does doing the right thing interact with obeying the law? What happens when following the rules that we are given in our particular society or organization leads us into behaviour that we see as potentially wrong?

These are issues that human societies have explored over and over. Historical writings on this in western society go back to the ancient Greek philosophers some two and a half thousand years ago. But of course all societies everywhere have an abiding concern for determining right and wrong; the need for ethical reflection is an important part of being human.

As a modern professional in a diverse, multi-cultural society you will need to be able to work through these issues for yourself. You will need to be able to articulate your own personal ethical standards, and to understand how these align – or perhaps don’t align - with the range of ethical standards and expectations that come at you in the course of your professional activity.

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