Part of the Reflexive Matrix Program - A Course in Reflective & Reflexive Practice

In this cell we will ask you to think about your professional identity.  That is, who are you as a professional? How do you see and understand yourself in your professional life, how do the people you work with in your professional life see you, how do you want to be seen?

These are the same types of questions as we investigate in cell 1-1 Identity in a Personal Context, but some extra complications tend to be introduced when we focus them on your professional world.

As a professional, perhaps much more than in your personal and social life:

  • you probably want to be recognised for your professional knowledge and skills;
  • you maybe also want your track record and achievements to be known;
  • you probably want to be recognised as having a particular level of status in your profession generally, or in your work place in particular;
  • you also want your more generic skills to be acknowledged, eg. your organisational or time-management ability, your logical approach to problem solving etc.;
  • and you probably want the particular contribution that you can bring to collaborative work in teams and with partners and affiliates to be understood;
  • and on top of that you want your people skills – your social awareness, sensitivities towards and empathy for others, capacity to get on with people, ability to make people feel comfortable and inspired working with you, and so on – at the forefront of people’s sense of who you are in the workplace.

Whew, that’s a lot. And into the bargain you have to, at some point, deal with how your professional identity does and does not match up to varying degrees with your personal identity. Do you put on a different self with your work clothes? Why? How do you feel about that?

Thinking about how you think about who you are at work can thus get very complicated; there are lots of factors, there are lots of layers. Fortunately, by opting to work through this cell you’ve dedicated for yourself some quality reflective time that hopefully will provide you with useful ways of exploring this maze.   

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