Consolidated Index of the Australia & New Zealand Property Journal

The consolidated indexes presented in this volume cover the Australian and New Zealand Property Journal (ANZPJ), the Australian Property Journal, The Valuer and Land Economist, and The Valuer for the period 1930 to 2015. This version replaces previously published consolidated indexes for these titles.  


There are five indexes:

Subject Index

Major articles are listed alphabetically by subject. This index also includes articles about organisations and companies. Institute activities and topics are listed alphabetically under ‘Australian Property Institute’ or ‘Property Institute of New Zealand’, respectively.

Name Index

This index lists the names of authors and titles of their articles. It also includes the names of people who are the subjects of articles.

Annotated List of Court Decisions, 1930–1989

Important court decisions have been documented in the journal since its first issue in 1930. This index lists cases discussed in the journal between 1930 and 1989, with an annotation (summary) for each case.

Court Cases Index, 1990–2015

Court cases discussed in articles published between 1990 and 2015 are listed by case title as cited.

Legislation Index

Acts of Parliament discussed in articles are listed by title, in alphabetical order under jurisdiction: first the Commonwealth of Australia and its States, then other countries in alphabetical order.

Volume numbering

Volumes of the journal were numbered continuously from Volume 1, 1930 to Volume 39, 2006. In the indexes the volume and page numbers are given in the format ‘20:286–8’, where the first number (in bold) is the volume, and the second and subsequent numbers are the page numbers. Thus ‘20:286–8’ means ‘volume 20, pages 286 to 288’.

Volume numbering was re-commenced from Volume 1, 2007–08 for the Australian and New Zealand Property Journal. To distinguish the new ANZPJ volume numbers from the original volume numbering dating from 1930, the new volume format includes the date, for example 2 (2009/10):112–13. This example means ‘volume 2 of 2009/10, pages 112 to 113’.