Associate Membership without Certification

Associate Membership is the most sought after qualification for those working in the Australian property sector.  It is the home for property professionals across a broad range of property disciplines and is available to applicants with two years or more of property experience.

If you have more than two years of property experience but don’t yet have two years of experience in a particular area of property you can apply for Associate Membership without a Certification. Certifications can be added to Associate membership at any time.

All applicants for Associate Membership are required to meet the API’s Educational and Experience requirements provide work samples for review and sit a professional interview.  

Assessment Requirement
EducationalAll applicants must meet the API’s academic entry criteria
ExperienceAll applicants must have at least two years of full time or equivalent property experience achieved within the four years immediately prior to the date of application
CompetenceAll applicants are required to sit for and successful pass a Professional Interview
Future Property Professionals (FPP)Not required

Associate Members are identified by the post-nominal AAPI.  Associate Members receive unrestricted access to the Institute’s full range of services including member rates on all of our professional development and networking events.


Applicants with existing membership of an organisation which has a reciprocity agreement with the API may have a shortened pathway to membership.  For more information, please visit our Membership via Reciprocity page.

What documents will you need to complete your application? 

1.Academic Transcript
 A copy of your official Academic Transcript which shows your course completion.  
 Three Referees are required.  Each of your Referees will need to complete a Referee Report which can either be returned direct to the API or to the applicant to submit with their application.  Referee Reports must be dated within the three months prior to the date of application.
3.Work Samples
 a.Three examples (work samples) of the applicant’s work are to be submitted. 
 b.Each work sample must have been completed within the six months prior to the date of application
 c.Confidential information can be removed from the work samples, however, please note that all information supplied is treated confidentially by the API and its examiners.
 d.Work samples should represent the work undertaken by the applicant over the past six months.
 e.If the required reports or files cannot be supplied from the applicant's recent work, then the applicant may be required to prepare these documents.
 f.Work samples are required to be uploaded during the application process.  Please upload your work samples as pdf files.  Hard copy work samples are not required.
4.Experience Journals
 Applicants must log at least two years of property experience.  A new Experience Journal needs to be commenced when your supervisor changes or each six months, whichever comes first.  Applicants are required to record valuation/task/job from the most recently undertaken and work backwards to cover the required experience period.

What steps are involved in applying for Associate Membership? 

1.Click Apply Now (below).
2.Add the Associate Application to your Cart on the following screen.
3.Once you have completed any other purchases you may wish to make, go to your Cart and Checkout.
4.In your My Portal the steps required to complete your Associate Membership application will appear including:
 a.Supplying information related to your application
 b.Uploading your:
  i.Academic Transcript
  ii.Referee Reports
  iii.Work Samples
  iv.Experience Journals
5.Once all of the steps listed in your My Portal have been completed, submit your application.
6.The API will contact you with further information detailing the remaining steps, including your Professional Interview, once a review of your application has been completed.

To apply online for Associate Membership without Certification, please click Apply Now.


Remember to return to your My Portal after purchasing your Application and making payment to complete your application




Do you have a question that is not answered on this page or in our Frequently Asked Questions?  Please email or contact your local API office for assistance.