Meet your 2024 Director Candidate Nominees

This year we have 11 candidates nominated for consideration to the API Board. Voting opens Monday 13 May and closes Wednesday 22 May.

Voting Opens: Monday 13 May at 9am

Voting Closes: Wednesday 22 May at 11:59pm

Candidates are listed in alphabetical order below.


Voting Instructions

 Voting will be conducted via the LUMI Global Conference Services platform. Voting Members will receive an email with log on details.

Anthony Salce AAPI


“I believe my diverse experience and proven track record make me a valuable asset to the API Board.”


My Qualifications

  • Extensive Property Industry Experience: I possess 24 years of experience in the property industry, encompassing both sales, property analyst, funds management, advisory management, and valuation.
  • Proven Commitment to the API:  Associate member of the API since 2006. My dedication extends to serving on various API committees for the past 10 years, contributing my expertise to education, professional standards, and industry change.
  • Leadership and Strategic Acumen: Throughout my career, I have held senior leadership positions, demonstrating strong strategic thinking, project management skills, and the ability to motivate teams.
  • Passion for People and Innovation: I am driven by a passion for both people and property. I am a recognised innovator with a proven track record of implementing successful strategies.
  • Communication and Advocacy Skills: I am a confident public speaker, having regularly presented for both Opteon and the API, ANZ, CBA just to name a few. My extensive industry knowledge positions me as a strong advocate for the valuation profession.
  • Experience in Non-ADI Banking: I possess a strong understanding of the Non-ADI banking sector, gained through my time at Payton Capital where I served as the Officer in Effective Control/Director of Property and Senior Property Analyst. In addition, I currently sit on investment committees as a National Property Expert. This experience broadened my knowledge of capital stack debt solutions and asset classes within fund management.
  • Global Business Acumen: I currently serve as an Acquisition Consultant for International Brand Hard Rock Cafe through Audient Capital, a global entertainment fund.

My Vision for the API

  • Succession Planning and Member Retention: Developing robust systems to attract new talent and retain existing members through targeted initiatives.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: Promoting an inclusive industry environment that promotes and encourages greater diversity in the valuation workforce.
  • Education and Awareness: Advocating for continued advancements in education and awareness programs to ensure the highest professional standards.
  • Innovation and Technology: Supporting the adoption of new technologies to enhance efficiency and drive the profession forward.
Brett Baxter AAPI


“My vision lies in safeguarding the future of valuations by tackling the challenges encountered by early and middle-career valuers within the API.”


API Experience

  • Joined API in 2011, maintaining active involvement since.
  • Finalist for API Young Professional of the year award 2019.
  • Joined the YPP in 2016 and served as YPP Chair from 2018 to 2021.
  • Member of API state committee since 2019-present.
  • Panel interviewer since 2022.
  • Panel review member since 2024.
  • Actively contribute to API through participation in various working groups.

Professional Experience

  • Associate Director Specialised Assets,M3 Property, Jul 2023 – Present
  • Director Commercial Valuations, JLL, May 2019 – Apr 2023
  • Commercial Valuer, CBRE Asia Pacific, Jun 2018 – May 2019
  • Commercial Valuer, Opteon, Jun 2015 – May 2018)
  • Various Australian Property Companies (Dec 2010 – Jun 2015): Valuations, sale, leasing

My Vision for the API

  • The Early and Middle Career Crisis: I believe Middle-career valuers lack representation and support within the API, necessitating urgent attention to amplify their voices and address their concerns. I have felt firsthand the how hard it can be to navigate a career in valuations during this time period.
  • More Support for Early and Middle Career Valuers: The API should prioritise enhanced support and guidance programs tailored to middle-career members; I would aim to foster a more inclusive and supportive environment for retention and quality of work life and to reduce burn out.
  • Empowering Young and Middle Career Professionals: I aim to introduce more programs to empower valuers who feel they are “stuck” with their experience by spearheading initiatives that promote professional growth and development through targeted skills improvement and broadening networks.
  • To better appreciate our Experience Members: I am committed to implementing a structured knowledge transfer program within the API to ensure that the wealth of experience held by retiring members is effectively passed on to the next generation of valuers. By facilitating mentorship programs, knowledge-sharing sessions, and formalised training opportunities, we can preserve invaluable industry insights and foster a culture of mentorship and collaboration by showing our appreciation and support of our more experienced members.
Cameron Early FAPI


Cameron was admitted as an Associate member of the Australian Institute of Valuers & Land Economists in 1996, and elevated to Fellow of the Australian Property Institute in 2023. Cameron is a Registered Valuer in Queensland. Cameron participated in the API’s student member Mentorship Program and was an API/Qld Government Workshop attendee leading into the introduction of the Land Valuation Act 2010. Cameron remains on the API Panel of Examiners.


Cameron’s observation is that the API has for many decades been focused on necessary reform and systems to provide more streamlined service to the finance sector. In respect to the Mortgage Residential space, this has continued to occur at rapid pace to the extent to which the automated online platforms now available, which our competent and skilled API members inadvertently helped build, mean that we are now a mouse click away from Valuers being obsolete in the process.


Cameron applauds the API for instigating alternative membership pathways and certification categories to underscore the relevance of a “whole of property industry membership base”, but Cameron seeks to assist the API in embellishing engagement with Valuers operating outside of the predominance of the finance sector.


Cameron has over 35 years of experience in property. He is “Board Ready” being a Graduate from the Australian Institute of Company Directors and also a Fellow Member of the REI (Qld Division).


Cameron is a Licensed Real Estate Agent in four Australian States and has travelled extensively throughout Australia over the past three decades. Cameron already sits on a number of NFP Boards and is the Chair of the Property & Housing Sub-Committee on one of these boards.


Cameron is passionate about providing leadership for an ageing workforce and possesses a Masters Degree in Ageing & Gerontology from the University of Melbourne.

Darren Austin AAPI


Darren has been a regional valuer for more than twenty years after six years in the real estate sales industry and banking experience prior to that. For almost twenty years he has been a director of Walsh and Monaghan, a large independent regional firm based on the South Coast of NSW. 


Darren is the current Chairman of the API NSW State Committee, Chairman of the Network Property Group and also the API Illawarra discussion group.  


His time at the “coalface” has given Darren a genuine understanding of the challenges faced by regional valuers and valuation firms on a day-to-day basis and he intends to bring a regional voice to National Board. 


Darren has been chairman of the Network Property Group for over ten years and the Chairman of that groups Professional Indemnity committee for a similar length of time. He is heavily involved in most aspects of the industry and has been crucial in the continual evolution of his business to adapt to the ever changing landscape. 


Darren regularly volunteers for the API. He conducts “Professional Snapshots” annually for local high school students interested in pursuing valuation as a career and is always willing to assist with work experience for new graduates. 


These life experiences have given Darren the confidence to speak his mind and he feels that his inclusion on the API National Board has the potential to benefit all property professionals, particularly regional and smaller operators throughout Australia.  

Gavin Hulcombe FAPI


Gavin joined the API in 1993, before being appointed a Fellow in 2010.   


Gavin’s valuation career commenced with the Queensland Department of Lands before joining Herron Todd White in 1994 as a residential valuer. Since 2000, Gavin has specialised in the valuation of residential projects and subdivisions, having valued a number of Brisbane’s largest residential projects.   


Gavin has gained valuable experience as a leader and company director inside and outside of Herron Todd White.   


Gavin is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.   


He has served as Managing Director of the Herron Todd White Brisbane office since 2002. He was a member of the Herron Todd White Australia Board between 2005 and 2020 and served as Chair of the Herron Todd White board between 2008 and 2016. Gavin has served and chaired the Herron Todd White Finance and Risk Management committee.   


While serving on the board, Herron Todd White embarked on a growth strategy expanding national coverage, with strong growth over a sustained period.   


Gavin has been heavily involved in PI renewal programs including meeting with multiple London based underwriters annually.   

Gavin has been heavily involved in developing and implementing new governance policies and process consistent with that expected and demanded in the current business environment.   


Gavin has been involved in developing quality assurance programs, IT systems, HR processes across a large scale business. Gavin has, and continues to believe in investing in the next generation, which means creating positions for graduates, ensuring all are offered good mentors and training to ensure the quality of our profession continues to grow. Gavin has personally mentored many valuers since joining the profession with many now holding senior leadership roles within the profession.   


In addition to his role with Herron Todd White he served one term (3 years) as a member of the Queensland Valuers’ Registration Board. He has also served as a board member and chair of a large scale not for profit employing some 1,200 staff, for almost 10 years.   


Gavin is passionate about valuation while recognizing the need to evolve and invest to ensure the industry remains relevant to the changing needs of our clients. As an industry, we have so much knowledge and expertise. One of our key challenges is unlocking that knowledge and being appropriately compensated for that knowledge.   


Historically, the valuation industry has been a very male dominated industry and thankfully this is now changing. It is important that we, as an industry, do more to support more females into the industry and particularly into more senior leadership roles.   

Georgia Warren-Myers FAPI


Over the past 14 years I have served on various API boards and  committees, including the National Standards Board/Steering Committee since 2011, the APREF Committee (2019-2922), the API University Roundtable (2021-2023) and the Victorian Professional Board (2010 – 2018). I am also a member of the IVSC Standards Review Board ESG Working Group since 2022. My participation in these has provided me with the opportunity to engage with members, understand their needs and desire to be part of a modern and relevant API, which provides timely direction and guidance around current issues that present challenges in current practice.    


Due to my combined experience in practice and tertiary education, I am highly cognisant of the challenges that exist between the academic environment and the transition to industry for new professionals in our industry. The profession is also faced with the challenges of seeking skilled professionals, a dynamic and changing work environment, and changes to how the profession uses technology and AI, continue to drive change across the activities we undertake in our professional capacity. I believe the API has a pivotal role to assist in this transformation. I believe this requires leadership, knowledge and understanding, collegial engagement with members and investment to transition the API and its’ members to a more sustainable future. 


There is urgent need for the translation of ESG categories specified by the IVS into a practice context and how to ensure compliance. Further, valuers need to develop their knowledge on ESG and the implications of mandatory disclosure of climate-related risks and opportunities by organisations and how this will affect real estate markets. The need for guidance notes and professional education are two key elements I believe continue to require improvement and development, and I would see this as a core contribution of the API in assisting valuers in a significant near-term challenge. My background as a valuer in both large and small firms, in Australia and New Zealand, alongside my academic research developed over the past 20 years on sustainability, ESG, and climate change in valuation and the implications for value; positions me to be able to support and guide the membership through this change.     


I am committed and passionate about the future of the profession and I continue to be involved in educating, mentoring and developing the workforce of the future. As demonstrated through coaching student groups to success in global competitions like CoreNet Global Academic Challenge and the Argus International Feasibility Challenge; and developing industry applicable research, engaging with the profession and disseminating the outcomes through the API National and State conferences, webinars and also through contribution to the guidance developed in the API Standards Steering Committee. I am also cognisant of the need to ensure professional development extends beyond the higher education sector, and have contributed to the design and presentation of various continuing professional development activities run by the API and other professional bodies and through my position on the board I would endeavour to ensure the development of future focused requirements that assist valuers in challenges that currently exist and those that are emerging.  


I have worked in the property industry since 2003, across a range of roles, ranging from property development, valuation, sustainability, climate change action, research and advisory. I was made a Fellow of the API in 2023, as a Certified Practising Valuer.  I have also completed a PhD from the University of Melbourne and been involved across three the tertiary institutions in Victoria. Beyond my professional experience on various industry, university and academic boards and committees, I am involved heavily in the management of amateur sailing not-for-profit organisations at a state and national level, where we organise events for the enjoyment of both competitive and recreational sailors. This has been recognised by my appointment as the South-Pacific Chairperson for the international class association.   

Lisa Murdoch FAPI


“I am motivated to contribute to the ongoing governance of the Institute to ensure that members are adequately supported, and the performance of the API is in line with the needs of the profession.”


My experience is broad and involves both Private and Public Sector Valuation and Property Portfolio management. I am an active adviser to State and Local Government through my role with as a Committee Chair of the Property Council. I have had direct involvement with Property Education Sector through a lecturing role and at university advisory board level, knowledge which will assist with policy direction of the API Board. My role on the Qld Valuers Registration Board and the API Disciplinary Committee has enabled me to see first-hand where deficiencies and improvements in professional practice can be made. I have also had relevant Board level experience as a Board Member of a Not for Profit Social Housing Company and as a Member of the Qld Valuers Registration Board. I am committed to the continued growth and recognition of the profession and would be honoured to represent my fellow valuation professionals.


My Board/Industry Experience and Qualifications

  • Fellow Australian Property Institute
  • Member of API National Disciplinary Committee – Current
  • Registered Valuer Qld since 1993
  • Specialist Retail Valuer Qld
  • Past Board Member of Queensland Valuer’s Registration Board 2016-2024
  • Member Qld State API Committee
  • Former Chair Industry Advisory Committee Central Queensland University Facility of Property, Accounting and
    Financial Planning
  • Former Board Member of Not-for-Profit Gold Coast Housing Company/Horizon Housing Company (Now part of
    Community Housing Limited)
  • Current Chair Gold Coast Property Council of Australian Committee
  • Adjunct Lecturer Bond University – Master’s Level
  • Completed Australian Institute of Company Directors (Not for Profit) Course.
Mark Kay LFAPI


“I have re-nominated (after a 4-year absence) for the API Board as an elected Director to represent and give voice to the regional and small business members and to ensure API’s relevancy to our membership by providing greater diversity on the Board.”


My Experience/Qualifications

  • Australian Property Institute, SA Division, elected state committee member for 10 years & served as SA/NT President of the API, SA Division.
  • National Education Board elected SA member and representative for 3-4 years.
  • Former Director (previously National Board Member) of Australian Property Institute (API) May 2012 to May 2020, where I served on numerous an Property Standards Committee (APSC – 3 years), Australian Valuation Standards Committee (AVSC – 2 year).
  • Current Chair of the API Education Committee providing that link between the education providers and our professional needs providing endorsement and direction to our members continued educational needs and professional development.
  • Deputy Co-Chair of API National Professional Conduct Committee for 6 years hearing and chairing approximately 10- 5 complaints panel determinations against members.
  • Valuation & Business Mentoree at the University of SA in both the Property Degree and within the Business Career Mentor Program over a 20-year period supervising and mentoring approximately 2-3 students annually for the last 20 years.

With the rapidly changing landscape of our profession around data, risk and application of standards, and how we ensure that our clients continue to recognise and reward our expertise over the confluence of digital information suppliers currently out there.


I am an engaged API member having demonstrated a passion for standards, education and compliance over many years I am committed to quality assurance and the importance of setting and complying with standards and policies. Having undertaken a wide range of commercial & industrial, residential, rural (including pastoral) and statutory valuations myself over the last 35 years I am aware of the costs, expectations, and standards to be sought from members.


I am currently the Valuer-General for the Northern Territory, a position that I have held for approximately 12 months. Prior to this I held numerous leadership and management positions within the Office of the Valuer General South Australia for over 33 years, commencing in December 1988. I have served on numerous internal government committees over the  ears, all aimed towards the continued improvement of the Valuer General’s Office and the services provided. The work I have undertaken with the Valuer-General and as a long serving Committee Member and Former Director of the Australian Property Institute (API) have instilled me with a confidence that I can fulfil the key responsibilities of an API elected Director and represent our membership at the Board table.


I am currently the Chair of the API Standards Steering Committee. The purpose of this committee within the API is to provide guidance papers, directions on standards, guidelines and policies for Valuers and property professionals. During this time the more notable Guidance Paper (GP’s) that I have provided input and work within have been “Acting as an Expert Witness”, “Real Property Contamination Issues” and “Valuation of Rural and Agribusiness Properties”. Together with 4 other members and staff we recently updated 40 TIPS to the current Guidance Papers which provide updated advice to the API members nationally.

Michael Anello FAPI


“As a representative of the API Limited Board, I would work towards enhancing the importance of our Institute as Australia’s peak body for property professionals in a highly demanding, challenging and ever evolving property environment.”


I am a Certified Practising Valuer, a Company Director, and hold the position of CEO at Valuecorp. I am responsible for the day-to-day management of the business and we specialise in the valuation of commercial, industrial, retail and residential properties. I also formed and developed, as a director, an internet based property company in association with the founders of Stayz holiday website.  


In 1986 I joined the Australian Property Institute, formally the Australian Institute of Valuers, and became a Fellow in 2000. 


I commenced my career in 1980 in Commercial Property Management with the Property Division of T. & G. Mutual Life Society.  


Following T. & G.’s merger with National Mutual in 1983, I joined their valuation and investment division where I was part of the team responsible for a large, diversified, property portfolio. This included CBD commercial buildings, regional retail centres and multi-use industrial complexes within the company’s various funds and property trusts.  


Later, I joined commercial real estate agency Debenham Tewson International and was involved with all categories of property valuation, including professional real estate consultancy. In my role with DTZ, I worked with a variety of major development and investment companies involved in construction, government, private and financial sectors. I joined Valuecorp in 1990 and have held the position of CEO for past 30 years. 


Over the years I have served on the committee of the Valuers Royal Exchange Group, the Valuers Chapter of the REI and was a member of the examiners’ panel for the NSW Division of the Australian Property Institute. I have also assisted as a President nominated expert on API Rental Determination and Dispute matters. When required, I provide advice to the API on compliance and other related property valuation issues. 


I have held the positions of chairperson and treasurer of an executive committee for a Sydney owner’s corporation. 


Personal: skills and commitment. 

  • As a senior director/CEO for many years I have managed and understand the responsibilities of transparent financial reporting, ensuring budgets are maintained and businesses are profitable in this challenging and ever changing industry. I believe it is critical for the API to continue its focus on membership growth, diversity and expansion into new areas of expertise ensuring annual fees to members are fair and reasonable and provide good value with strong emphasis on professional education.  
  • In my current role as CEO for Valuecorp I am required to use skills to support business growth and resilience over various stages of economic cycles. I aim to provide a high level of service and to satisfy client’s expectations with integrity and transparency.
  • I offer to the API Board many years of property and financial management experience in various areas of corporate and private business at a senior management level.

I strongly believe in providing our young members with extensive on the job training and support which I have been personally involved throughout my career. In this training I have encouraged them to develop and grow in their careers, improve professional skills, gain industry knowledge, and recognise promotion opportunities.

Rishikesh Elkunchwar AAPI


Rishikesh has experience across a wide range of real estate asset classes gained within the Australian and international markets.


Rishikesh completed his bachelor’s degree in Hospitality and Hotel Administration in India and a Master of Business Administration with a focus on Service Industries in Switzerland, which was a joint degree with Endicott College, USA. Rishikesh commenced his career in pre-opening luxury hotels and resorts across the Middle East prior to joining PKF Dubai, a valuation and advisory practice. He later headed the strategy and development team for a real estate developer in India prior to owning and operating his own advisory practice.


After relocating to Australia permanently, Rishikesh undertook the Master of Property course at University of Melbourne and has gained local experience in the valuation of commercial and residential property for mortgage as well as asset reporting, family law and advisory purposes. Based in Melbourne, Rishikesh specialises in healthcare and specialised assets at Colliers and works closely with the national team.


Rishikesh has been a member of Australian Property Institute since 2014 and has a keen interest in the success of the API. Rishikesh is committed to serving the members of the API and contributing to the growth and success of the valuation profession. Having been born in India, living in 6 countries across 4 continents and travelling to more than 35 countries, Rishikesh brings a unique perspective to the API Board. He has been a member of the API State Committee for Victoria since 2023 and is ready to take the next step in making a positive impact on our industry.

Talia Powell AAPI


“Valuation is my industry, my home. I will continue to do everything I can to make it an attractive place to work now and for future generations. It would be a privilege to represent the API members and continue to improve this industry on the API Board.”


This profession will be my home for the next few decades. I want to ensure it is strong now and into the future. Throughout my career I have consistently demonstrated my passion for the industry and commitment to the Australian Property Institute (API). Valuation needs to be an appealing career path to attract and retain the right people, and the Board should be focused on achieving this. A position on the API Board is the next step for me to support and influence the strategic direction of our industry.


My formal roles with the API include being a member of the NSW Young Property Professionals committee for 4 years, including 2 years as the Co-Chair and joining the SA State Committee in 2023 upon my interstate move. During this time, I also advised the National Education Committee on API Accredited university courses.


I organised events and speakers, represented the API at universities and TAFE and attended careers expos promoting the industry. Furthermore, I consulted on the Future of the Profession paper. This led to the facilitation of discussions with industry leaders to further contribute to this paper. My years of involvement in the API, means I have a strong knowledge of the functions and roles of the API. This gives me a competitive advantage in making strategic decisions for the organisation.


My support for the valuation industry is broader than just the API. I was a founding member of the “Women in Property Valuation” group, with goals to increase diversity in the industry, particularly in senior and executive roles. I have taken on a teaching role with the University of South Australia. I look forward to sharing my technical skills with students to ensure the next generation are excited and well equipped for a career in valuation. In my roles within valuation firms and government departments I have invested in the professional development of those around me and support my staff to enjoy their careers. I have also undertaken mentoring roles and represented the profession at countless events and careers expos. Investing in and supporting people is crucial for the industry’s success, its my passion, and I would love to help the organisation achieve this.


I believe the board needs to have elected directors who are passionate, dedicated and well versed in the industry, traits that I have consistently demonstrated. Given I have both Public and Private sector experience, I can add a new perspective to the board. My background of working in heavily regulated and legislated areas of valuation will be key in governance and fiduciary duties on the board.


The current board members all bring 20 or 30 years’ experience. However, I offer the unique perspective of being able to represent the emerging leaders and future demographic of the industry. I strongly believe that I bring the diversity and skills that the board needs to be future focused, and to have increased perspective on the issues facing all API members. The API is on a pursuit for an innovation agenda and adapting to a changing environment, this environment of rapid change and technological advancement is all I have professionally known. So, who better to help steer the API to this goal?


Current roles

  • Managing Statutory Valuer (Office of the Valuer-General SA)
  • Associate Member (Australian Property Institute)
  • Co-Chair (Women in Property Valuation)
  • Tutor (University of SA)
  • Committee Member (API State Committee SA) – Note: I would resign if successful in the board election