Meet your 2021 Board Candidates

Listed in alphabetical order by first name.

Andrea Carolan

I am a long-standing member of the API, having joined in 1987 and becoming a Fellow in 2014. I am the Managing Director of Public Private Property which I founded in 2017  having spent the earlier stages of my career at Maloney Field Services (since acquired by JLL).


Public Private Property is a niche provider of specialist valuation services built on my experience in public sector valuations. More particularly, I have an absolute passion for land acquisition and compensation valuation and advisory to assist Government and industry deliver critical infrastructure projects. I also specialise in asset revaluations at Commonwealth, State and Local Government levels.


My primary reason for nominating for a position on the API Board of Directors centres on the challenge of elevating the status of our profession. I dream of a day when valuation becomes the career of choice for our brightest school leavers. To achieve this, we need to better communicate that ours is an industry of untold excitement and opportunity with rich personal and financial rewards.


I am also acutely aware of the unhealthy tension between valuation fees and quality of output in our industry. This needs to change, but not to the detriment of business viability. I know it can be done because I have done it.


As an industry, we need to create an umbrella of collaboration. Sure, we are all competitors, but that is not a bad thing - without competitors we would not have an industry! That said, I believe certain business models are fast becoming obsolete. On this basis, our goal as an industry should be the smooth transition to superior models that benefit members and clients alike.


In short, it is my vision to harness the strengths of our industry and ruthlessly discard those aspects of the current culture and paradigms that no longer serve us. Having been an employee and an employer, I like to think that I have some insight into the ‘pain points’ of both parties. To observe such matters from both perspectives is invaluable and I look forward to the opportunity to facilitate some meaningful dialogue around such topics.


In recent years I have spent considerable energy cultivating International connections to bring the ‘best of the best’ to my own specialist field of expertise to Australia. I have no doubt such opportunities exist in other specialist fields and I welcome the opportunity to use my position on the API Board to pursue worthwhile International alliances that benefit API Members.


Over the years I have presented for the API numerous times. More recently I have been directly involved in curating an API education program. I am the Immediate Past President of the Australian Chapter of the International Right of Way Association and am currently assisting with preparations for the inaugural delivery of IRWA’s foundation course to Australian participants. The course ‘Principles of Land Acquisition’ will be led by instructors from the US and Canada and supported by local experts (including me)!


As an API Member of more than 30 years, I know I can make a difference to the trajectory of our profession and welcome your support. 

Anne-Maree Moussa

Anne-Maree Moussa

Education: Bachelor of Commerce (Property Economics) – University of Western Sydney; Graduate Australian Institute of Company Directors (GAICD)


API History: API Board Member (2017 – current)Member of Finance Risk Audit Committee (2017 – current); NSW Divisional Councillor (2015/16); Chair, NSW CPD Committee (2016); API Associate Member, CPV (2006)API Member (2003)


Current Employment: Director, Real Estate (Institutional Banking) – Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA)


Career Overview

Anne-Maree has over 18 years of industry specialisation having commenced her career in 2003 as a Valuer. She worked as a Valuer for seven years before commencing at CBA (2010) in a technical role, within the Valuation, Development and Advisory Team.


For the last six years, Anne-Maree has been managing a portfolio of large institutional real estate clientele. Anne-Maree is directly responsible for the execution and management of complex real estate finance transactions across Australia and New Zealand.


Nomination Statement

As a current Board member, Anne-Maree remains passionate about the Vision, Purpose and Strategic goals of the API. She would greatly value the support to be re-elected to the Board as the API moves to delivering on Strategic goals and build on the years of significant progress.


As a focused and dedicated property professional, Anne-Maree is fully aware of the API’s requirement to maintain its relevance across the industry and membership base. She feels strongly about maintaining, broadening and growing the expertise and knowledge of the API membership now and into the future. This continues to be a key focus for Anne-Maree given her diverse background and experience.


Anne-Maree is a Member of the Finance Risk & Audit Committee which continues to uphold a strong governance regime. The financial health of the API is strategically important.


At an industry level, Anne-Maree has developed strong working relationships with key property professionals across the sector. She is driven, offering strong interpersonal, communication and leadership skills.


Anne-Maree believes fostering an ongoing culture of awareness to the forces of change, emergent industry trends and the influence of technology will ensure the API remains relevant and sustainable over the long term.


Core Skills

Governance: Anne-Maree is acutely aware of the Boards role and responsibilities including strategic direction, performance, compliance, risk management and accountability to the membership base. Anne-Maree’s experience enables her to undertake a critical assessment of corporate governance structures. As a current Board member, she understands that the Board plays a critical role in overseeing the governance function and Directors act as a group to ensure the appropriate standards are set across the API.


Strategic Management: As real estate markets, finance and regulatory environments continue to evolve, the Board is required to actively re-assess the long-term impact on the API. This continues to be particularly important during COVID-19 given the uncertain operating environment that has been experienced globally. Anne-Maree is active in these considerations at a Board level to ensure the strategic intent, sustainability and longevity of the API are protected.


Financial Acumen: Extensive background in financial, corporate and risk analysis used to assess investment related decisions.  Anne-Maree has a deep understanding of enterprise risk management frameworks incorporating strategic, financial and operational risk components. She exhibits strong influencing and negotiation skills which have culminated in presentations to senior committees and forums.


Relevant Industry Knowledge: Anne-Maree possesses a deep understanding of the property industry given her diverse background and experience. She is able to provide a lens into the regulated banking and finance environment which compliments her foundations in the valuation profession.


Conflict Assessment:

  • Anne-Maree is not aware of any actual, perceived or potential conflicts of interest.
Damian Dalton

Damian Dalton

I have been a member of the API for over 20 years and have always been actively involved in the Institute. I am the current Chair of the Victorian State Committee and was previously a member of the CPD and State Conference sub-committees, and the inaugural Professional Standards sub-committee. I have been involved in member admissions for Plant and Machinery valuers, reviewing reports and conducting interviews.


I am nominating for a Board position to continue my involvement with the API and because I am passionate about our profession and our Institute. I am particularly passionate about the education pathways available to membership, the ongoing training of our members and, above all, maintaining and advocating high professional standards across all disciplines.


As the API continues to strive to be the home for property professionals, I believe I can play a constructive role in achieving this in a way that enhances the professional standing of all our members and also strengthens the API both financially and reputationally.


I think the API has improved in many areas over recent years however, there are a number of issues still needing to be addressed, including:


Professional indemnity insurance – whilst the API has strived to improve the PI situation through the APIV Limitation of Liability Scheme, we now find ourselves back in a state of crisis. This is a critical issue for individual members currently running or planning on starting small valuation businesses as PI costs are becoming prohibitive and this is leading to further consolidation of our profession, reducing choice of our members and end-users.


Career pathways –members need to be provided career options through quality education and training programs that enable valuers to move between areas of practice and protect themselves against disruption.


Knowing our members – it is critical that the API know more about our membership to be able to better serve them. The API should know the main areas of practice of members so it can respond appropriately to any future threats/disruptions to particular sectors. With this better knowledge of our members the API can better tailor its services, especially the education and training offering.


Primacy of the valuation profession – whilst it may be attractive and even desirable to broaden the API membership, I think it is important that the API recognises and celebrates the primacy of the valuation profession in our Institute. Even though many members may no longer be practicing valuers, their connection with the API is fundamentally through their valuation training and almost all would recognise the importance of that foundational training in their current role. The API should concentrate its efforts and funds on services that support the majority of its members, valuers, for whom the API is their natural home. If the API cannot provide a compelling value proposition to other property professionals, it should not waste time and funds on such endeavours.


Voice of the members – The API is fundamentally a professional membership organisation and, whilst the transformation to a corporate entity may have been necessary, it is critical the Institute continues to operate as a members organisation first and foremost.


In relation to the competencies and qualities I will bring to the Board, I am an experienced Director having been Managing Director of PP&E Valuations for over 10 years and I am the current Chair of the Bayley House Foundation which is the independent charitable foundation of Bayley House; supporting its longer-term future as a best-practice provider of disability services in Bayside Melbourne.


I am not aware of any actual, perceived or potential conflicts of interest that would preclude me from this position.

Darren Austin


Darren Austin AAPI:

Certified Practising Valuer  

Certified Practising Valuer (Bus)  

Certified Property Practitioner  

Licensed Real Estate Agent (Not practicing)


Darren has been a regional valuer for some twenty years after six years in the real estate sales industry and banking experience prior to that. For the last fifteen years he has been a director of Walsh and Monaghan, a large independent regional firm based on the South Coast of NSW.


Darren is the current Chairman of the API NSW State Committee, Chairman of the Network Property Group and also the API Illawarra discussion group.


His time at the “coalface” has given Darren a genuine understanding of the challenges faced by regional valuers and valuation firms on a day-to-day basis and he intends to bring a regional voice to National Board, which he feels currently dominated by the large corporates.


Darren has been chairman of the Network Property Group for over ten years and the Chairman of that groups Professional Indemnity committee for a similar length of time. He is heavily involved in most aspects of the industry and has been crucial in the continual evolution of his business to adapt to the ever changing landscape.


Darren regularly volunteers for the API. He conducts “Professional Snapshots” annually for local high school students interested in pursuing valuation as a career and is always willing to assist with work experience for new graduates.


These life experiences have given Darren the confidence to speak his mind and he feels that his inclusion on the API National Board has the potential to benefit other regional valuers throughout NSW.

Dennis Volk

Dennis Volk

My name is Dennis Volk and am currently a sitting API Board Member.


For those that do not know me I was born, live and work in Western Australia. I joined the API in 1983 and in 2013 I was elevated to the status of Fellow.


COVID19 as we are all aware caused disruption, uncertainty and health issues at so many levels.


But it has also created an environment for change, and we have all changed in some way, be it big or small. API has changed and has continued to adapt over the past 12 months, an adaption which I believe has been in the best interests of and to the benefit of the members. The API may be said is in pursuit of the so-called herd immunity.


I am keen to continue the work of the API Board that has focussed on making a tangible difference both to our profession, our members and its contribution to the broader community and business sector not only now but beyond.


I have, during my time on the Board, maintained that as property professionals we have to start valuing ourselves and look to understand and appreciate the importance of our professional services.


I am dedicated to;  

  • creating the best possible environment for you the member and our profession to succeed.  
  • to understand and address the real issues that hinder, frustrate and limit the ability of the members and our profession.  
  • increasing the profile and brand awareness of the API.
  • maintaining high professional standards, and
  • ensuring accountability in the administration of the API to maximise its effectiveness. 
  • continue to pursue and implement existing API initiatives/projects, currently in a holding pattern. 


During my time on the Board, and particularly during COVID19, it highlighted the composition of an industry body with a representation of all States as extremely important. It provides the Board with critical local insights to ensure decisions and direction are truly Nationally based.


API members, therefore, need to have an industry body;  

  • being representative of all states; 
  • being representative of all its members;
  • with a depth and breadth of knowledge; 
  • which will provide broad,relevant and sound assistance to its members, and  
  • whose reputation allows it to be a strong voice for its members to drive broader industry and public policy. 


The future of the API rests not only with our existing energetic and passionate professionals, but more importantly in future members, – those still at school, or having just graduated from university and those in other careers, who all have diverse, innovative and constructive views.


The importance of expanding our membership base and structure I believe is critical to the future of the API and ultimately its members. Our name says it all Australian Property Institute, the home for all people in property.

Gavin Hulcombe

Gavin joined the API in 1993, before being appointed a Fellow in 2010.


Gavin’s valuation career commenced with the Queensland Department of Lands before joining Herron Todd White in 1994 as a residential valuer. Since 2000, Gavin has specialised in the valuation of residential projects and subdivisions, having valued a number of Brisbane’s largest residential projects.


Gavin has gained valuable experience as a leader and company director inside and outside of Herron Todd White.


Gavin is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.


He has served as Managing Director of the Herron Todd White Brisbane office since 2002. He was a member of the Herron Todd White Australia Board between 2005 and 2020 and served as Chair of the Herron Todd White board between 2008 and 2016. Gavin has served and chaired the Herron Todd White Finance and Risk Management committee.


While serving on the board, Herron Todd White embarked on a growth strategy expanding national coverage, with strong growth over a sustained period.


Gavin has been heavily involved in PI renewal programs including meeting with multiple London-based underwriters annually.


Gavin has been heavily involved in developing and implementing new governance policies and process consistent with that expected and demanded in the current business environment.


Gavin has been involved in developing quality assurance programs, IT systems, HR processes across a large scale business. Gavin has, and continues to believe in investing in the next generation, which means creating positions for graduates, ensuring all are offered good mentors and training to ensure the quality of our profession continues to grow. Gavin has personally mentored many valuers since joining the profession with many now holding senior leadership roles within the profession.


In addition to his role with Herron Todd White he served one term (3 years) as a member of the Queensland Valuers’ Registration Board. He has also served as a board member and chair of a large scale not for profit employing some 1,200 staff, for almost 10 years.


Gavin is passionate about valuation while recognizing the need to evolve and invest to ensure the industry remains relevant to the changing needs of our clients. As an industry, we have so much knowledge and expertise. One of our key challenges is unlocking that knowledge and being appropriately compensated for that knowledge.


Historically, the valuation industry has been a very male-dominated industry and thankfully this is now changing. It is important that we, as an industry, do more to support more females into the industry and particularly into more senior leadership roles.   

Gregory Preston

History with the API  

Whilst Greg has been actively involved with the API throughout his career, he is focused on the future of the property professions. He has previously held positions as NSW and National President and has been awarded:- the API Meritorious Service Award for co-authoring the original RMM; Life Fellowship; and was the inaugural winner of the Alfred Clifford Catt award for service to the API in 2018.


Greg was also actively involved in the transition to the API’s current constitution sitting on the committee that oversaw the drafting of the current constitution and various API related policies. He also currently sits on the API complaints committee.


Greg was National President of the API in 2007-2008 when the GFC hit, and he also represented the API in regular discussions with ASIC and APRA on valuation related issues that impacted the economy and members of the API during the GFC.  


Reasons for nominating

The COVID 19 pandemic has had a profound impact on the Australian and Global economies. It has also impacted various real estate sectors to varying extents.


As the Covid 19 effects on the economy and real estate markets continue to play out, Greg is seeking election to the API Board to work with the API directors in strategy development and implementation to manage the impacts of the pandemic economy on API members.


Heightening professional thinking on the application of valuation standards and accounting standards, and monitoring the evolution of standards underdevelopment because of the pandemic economy, currently needs to be an important strategic objective in his view.


Greg is also of the view that the API needs to take a lead strategic role in solving the investment real estate valuation “yield and DCF definition dilemma” which has and continues to be problematic in the marketplace for investment valuation services.


Key Competencies

Greg has an Associate Diploma in Valuation; Commerce Degree (Major in Land Economy), and Master of Applied Finance Degree (Major in Investment Management).   

Governance experience and diplomacy skills are something that Greg has honed throughout his career:-   

  • at Preston Rowe Paterson where, working with his fellow directors, he has seen the growth of Preston Rowe Paterson to 32 offices nationally and also with four offices in New Zealand;
  • given his various roles at the API;
  • by sitting on the executive/ board of the Property Funds Association of Australia (PFA) (current executive member and chair of the PFA conference and communications committees);
  • as a past Club Captain of Queenscliff (NSW) Surf Life Saving Club; and
  • by undertaking the Australian Institute of Company Directors course (GAICD) in 2019.  


Personal Qualities

Greg is a personable strategic thinker and avid planner. He also has a strong understanding of the professional needs of both valuer and non-valuer members of the API and well as the external stakeholders which the API deals with.


He is passionate about investment and development real estate valuation, advisory, asset management, and transaction management. He regularly deals with most freehold and long-term leasehold asset classes including commercial office, industrial, retail shopping centre, hotels and residential development as well as airport and shipping port infrastructural assets.


He also has a modern approach to board governance with corporate social responsibility, wellness and diversity front of mind.


Greg is also a proponent of modern active cities which require people occupying buildings to function and is enthusiastic about emerging building service technologies (proptech) aimed at getting people back into buildings in the COVID influenced world, but he also acknowledges the benefits of a flexible work place.


Real or Perceived Conflicts of Interests  

Given Greg’s roles at Preston Rowe Paterson and the Property Funds Association conflicts of interest may arise from time to time on certain API Board matters. Being mindful of Section 191(1) of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth), should any matters be raised that allude to an actual or perceived conflict Greg will disclose the conflict and seek the Board’s guidance on how to manage the conflict, which he acknowledges may involve being excluded from the decision process apropos any matters of conflict.

John Sheehan

John began his career as a trainee valuer in the Legal and Estates Branch of the NSW Department of Railways and joined the Institute as a student member. He has served on numerous API committees over many years and was President of the (then) API NSW Division from 2000-2004.  In recognition, he is also a Life Fellow.


John has qualifications in valuation, town planning and environmental law and currently runs his own consulting practice providing advice to both government departments and private corporations. His specialities are compensation arising from compulsory acquisition and complex property law matters and native title. He has appeared as an expert witness in a range of property-related litigation and a number of State and Commonwealth Commissions of Inquiry. He was previously an Acting Commissioner of the NSW Land and Environment Court, an Adjunct Professor at Bond University since 2015 and currently lectures in advanced property law in the new TAFE Bachelor of Property Valuation.


For many years John has contributed to the API by writing articles and facilitating courses and workshops and continues with this work.


Since 1992, John has been Chair of a successful ASX-listed property company DESANE GROUP HOLDINGS LTD. and holds the Corporate Directors Diploma (UNE).


His passion for the Institute is evident and if elected to the Board he will bring a wealth of experience across many sectors of our broad industry. John is obviously a strong advocate for education and continuing professional development, but most importantly John’s involvement in governance at the highest level of a public company will assist the API Board.

Marcia Bowden

Marcia is the Principal of Bowden Advisory Services Pty Limited which was established in 2010. She relocated to Canberra in 1994 and prior to establishing Bowden Advisory Services was engaged in Property within the Commonwealth Public Service or as an advisor to the Commonwealth via JLL and United Group.    


Bowden Advisory Services is a Canberra-based property advisory firm engaged in the Corporate Real Estate and Design Management/Development Management in the Public and Private sectors.


Marcia is a Director of Kulture Break a social enterprise entity engaged in working with at risk youth via the performing arts.  


History with the API  

Marcia is actively engaged with the API and is currently the ACT Committee Chair and a member of the National Education Standards Committee.  Some of the positions she has held on Boards and Standing Committees within the Institute are as follows:  

  • National President 2006-07  
  • Chair and Member of the National Finance Board  
  • Chair of the Standing Committee on Sustainability in the Built Environment  
  • Chair of the Future Professional Program Task Force  
  • Past Chair and current member of National Education Committee
  • Member of the International Board
  • President of the ACT Division between 2003 and 2004
  • Current Chair ACT Committee  


During her term as National President the API commenced the planning for structural change to the organisation.  


Reasons for nominating for the board position  

Marcia is a non-valuer member and has a passion for this sector of the property industry and believes that there is still a great deal that the Institute can do to engage with those who are academically qualified but who are not practicing as valuers.  The Institute is well placed to develop into the professional home for these members of the property industry resulting in an increase to membership and accordingly an uplift to the financial stability of the Institute.  


Marcia has the passion and dedication to be a member of the leadership team within the API to deliver new initiatives within the member service, grow the memberships and ensure relevance to all members.  


Personal qualities that contribute to the board  

Marcia has a depth of knowledge and experience in the areas of governance and management both within the private sector and the public sectors as well as the API.  She has developed and continues to develop strong personal relationships and has a passion for mentoring the younger members of the profession to bring them on the journey be that professionally or as a member of various API Committees.  Marcia is a team player and an excellent communicator. She is well connected nationally and internationally within the property industry.  


As a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors Marcia is continually engaged with the latest thinking matters relevant to managing a modern board with a particular focus on governance and financial competency.  


Conflict of interest statement

Marcia has no actual or perceived conflicts of interest that impact her with current or future API roles.

Milton Cations

I have been an active supporter of the API for over 35 years as a Member, a Divisional Councillor, and a National Councillor.


I have been encouraged by many API members across Australia to nominate and to contribute my organisational experience and professional expertise to the Board.


I believe that Members should elect me because through my past Institute involvement, my close membership relationships, and my understanding of membership issues, I believe that I can properly represent the wider membership in what they want the API to do.


I believe that our API Membership wants every Board member to: 

  1. Promote who we are, and what we do, to everyone. Raise our profile!
  2. Ensure a fair and professional business environment. Reinforce professional standards!
  3. Discipline unprofessional members. Reinforce compliance!
  4. Help the members operate a better property service. Improve CPD!
  5. Provide an embracing and united member environment. Encourage involvement!
  6. Provide a membership fee that reflects ‘value for money’. Ensure efficient management!

Through my past national Institute involvement and my national professional and business connections, I have developed a strong and friendly relationship with our wider membership in all States and Territories of Australia.


I strongly support our API National structure, but I also support strong state-based member input into our National decision-making.


In a National role, I commit to regularly attending state-based Committee meetings and personally contributing to ensure that we have an embracing and united member environment.


My focus is to be an independent voice and I will be fully API orientated, serving all members across Australia.

Norman Harker

  1. The API must ensure that it is a member services-focused organization. It is my view that it has lost this focus. In our Constitution the key Objects are education (2.1(b)), external advocacy (2.1(c)), member services (2.1(d)), research (2.1(e)), and professional standards (2.1(f)). We need to be managed pro-actively by members who have both sound academic property qualifications and significant experience as practising property professionals. How else can members be assured that the Institute is aware of, and takes account of, their needs as property professionals?
  2. As a previous member of the NSW Division Board, I was, and I remain, a supporter of the federated structure of the API. Since federation there has been a significant loss and/or diminution in the API’s fulfilment of the Constitution Objects for members at CBD, Suburban, Regional, and Rural levels in NSW. We are weakened by any such diminution. We have also lost the esprit de corps that was, and should be, a major feature of any professional body of qualified and experienced practising property professionals. This is not a ‘mere’ Covid19 caused loss of opportunities for members. It has been in evidence ever since federation was initiated. The Board needs to address these issues as a matter of urgency because our profession cannot have any State or Territory weakened. 
  3. Federation should not be a Federal fiefdom but a true federation of equals. It is my observation that the API has not managed to strengthen development of its objects and the esprit de corps of the States and Territory Divisions outside my home State. All Divisions benefit from the strength of every single Division. Every division must emulate and learn from the successes and failures of other divisions. That is the essence of a federation. That is why our membership voted overwhelmingly for federation. It must be the aim of the Board to developall ofthe objects above in all of the States and Divisions without discrimination.   
  4. Australia has never needed as much as today the services of a strong and fully experienced practising property profession. Despite this, our services are undervalued in monetary and in political terms at National and at individual State and Territory levels.This needsaddressing at Main Board level of the API because individuals and firms may not collude. Membership has stagnated at ‘just below’ 8000 members for 10 years while Australia’s population has grown 16%. We have therefore, using conservative data, lost well over 1000 members. This evidences our failure to establish our relevance and a need for considered and appropriate marketing of our profession by those who are qualified by experience in the profession they manage.  
  5. My service to the API and to the property profession is well known throughout Australia and Internationally. It should be accepted that in my retirement I have no axe to grind other than one that demands that I should serve to the best of my abilities the property profession that has given me so much. I am the sole Manager of the LinkedIn group, ‘Excel Modeling for Commercial Real Estate Professionals’. This rapidly growing group has 7,750 members throughout the 142 regions of the World that use Excel and is dedicated to publishing in a ‘spam free environment’, free to all, free of copyright solutions and techniques throughout the world of finance.  
  6. Australia has a unique and influential position in the World. I believe that the API must be the pre-eminent body of practising property professionals. It should also have a similar unique and influential position.
Peter Roberts

I was admitted to the API in January 1999 as an Associate Member with Certified Practising Valuer certification.  I obtained Valuer Registration in Queensland in the same month.  I had worked as an Assistant Valuer with LandMark White for two years prior to successfully gaining admission to API.    


Post admission and valuer registration, I worked for LandMark White Brisbane, specialising in Industrial, self-storage and service station asset classes, including development valuations in those asset classes.  I was promoted to Associate Director in 2003 and Director in 2005.  In 2011 I was appointed Managing Director for Brisbane for LandMark White and then National Director – Commercial in 2014.  I continued to work for LandMark White until 2017.  I am now the Director of Property Management at King & Co Property Consultants.  


My involvement with the API evolved since being admitted.  Early on I was a regular presenter at State of the Market – Industrial events, I made a contribution to the Guidance Notes on the Valuation of Self-Storage assets and conducted report reviews and interviews for admission.  In 2008 I became a member of the Membership Admissions Committee, a position I held until I became State Chair in 2018.    


Whilst on the Membership Committee, I advocated for and assisted in the transition to a new Chair and I was a key driver in improving the standard of applicants and their applications and improving the rigour and integrity of the membership admission process in Queensland.  That committee oversaw the re-generation of peer interviewers, attracted new members to the committee and attracted new peer reviewers.  I am most proud of the record of that committee during my time and I am thankful to other members who assisted with my constant drive for higher admission standards for candidates and a suitably rigorous admission’s process.  


In 2014 I was elected to the Queensland Divisional Council, which ultimately became the State Committee.  The early part of my tenure on the Queensland Divisional Council was dominated by the change from a federated model to the corporate structure.  As a new member to the Divisional Council, it was both exciting and somewhat daunting to navigate a period of great change for the Institute.  Invariably not every decision made will prove to be correct, but if you fundamentally agree with the need for change, then you must support that change and work hard to obtain the best outcome for members over the medium and long term.


In preparing this statement I reviewed the Queensland Committee key agenda items when first becoming State Chair in 2018.  These were, a stronger API Code of Conduct, membership categories that meet the demand of the profession and the valuation industry, a significantly stronger and more transparent complaints and disciplinary process, an education platform that provides relevant training and improvement opportunities to members, stronger and more regular engagement with regional and rural members, engagement with Universities so that tertiary courses meet the needs and demands of the property and valuation professions and a stronger and much louder voice for the API on public policy issues.  Many of these issues apply nationally.  While progress has been made, there is more work to do on the issues above and on the value outcome for members in light of the new API structure and the current challenges around PI insurance and the role of banks and data providers.  It is to further pursue this agenda that I am nominating for election to the API Board.

Rachel Elliott

My membership of the API began in 1989 after graduating from the University of South Australia, and during the 3 decades since I have been a career valuer and proud member and now Fellow of our institute. 


From corporate firms to a micro practice and back again, from valuing major commercial assets through to the churn and burn that is residential mortgage valuation, from the city to the regions, I believe I have unique perspective and insight into our industry and the needs of the API’s broad membership base.  


My first graduate role was as a commercial valuer at Jones Lang Wootton (now JLL), an invaluable experience early in my career development. From this corporate grounding I transitioned into a diverse valuation role based in the sea-change community of Victor Harbor, co-founding South Coast Valuations, a small valuation practice specialising in commercial, residential and rural property across the Fleurieu Peninsula, and which was taken over by Herron Todd White post the GFC when were unwittingly victim PI Insurance crisis that ultimately closed over 300 small firms across Australia. Since 2014 I have been a Director of m3property, now leading the Advisory team in the Adelaide office, a role that relies on the knowledge and experience gained through my diverse property and industry exposure. 


As an industry, property is the most publicly visible and relatable in Australia today, and as a profession we are captive to the impact we have on many stakeholders including our members, banks, corporates, government, and the general public. The API has recognised this through professional accreditation and development activities, our code of conduct and more. While I believe that this work is important, I firmly believe that as an industry we must also recognise the impact that we have on each other, and that a focus on ensuring the relevance and longevity of the property professions across all categories of practice is essential. 


Most recently South Australian members will recall my advocacy work with respect to the decommissioning of the Upmarket product by CoreLogic, which was broadly supported by our SA members and ultimately facilitated by the API. The success of this campaign is a truly empowering experience for our industry, with property professionals from all facets of practice in SA coming together with a united voice, passion and credibility that influenced a multi-national company to change the course of a decision. The power of our shared experience shone a bright light on the value of API membership and the future of our profession.  


It is my desire to be a part of that bright future at a strategic and governance level, creating long-term value for the API membership and the property professions it encompasses. I am well placed to make that contribution at API Board level as a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (GAICD) and with over 10 years Board level experience as a former board Director and Chair of an independent school, and as a current Director of Anglicare SA Housing Ltd, together with National leadership roles at m3propertyand active local committee membership of the UDIA. 


As a governance leader I am interested and involved, intuitive and empathetic, but above all I recognise the importance of asking hard questions, and testing both answers and ambiguity against a stakeholder lens, decision making with integrity and most importantly understanding that the ultimate accountability of the Board is to the needs of the membership and the profile and viability of the property professions that it serves.


I appreciate your consideration of my nomination.

Scott Chapman

The API has facilitated great progress for the valuation industry in recent years and there is more to be done as we respond to the challenges of valuers leaving the profession, the availability of professional indemnity insurance, developing technology and increasing client expectations on service and price. I am seeking appointment to the API Board so that I can help the API continue to make positive change, and support its members through innovation and by being a strong advocate for our industry.


I have a breadth of property industry experience spanning 21 years, initially commencing in sales and commercial property management. Employed in the valuation industry for 14 years, I have been an Associate member of the API since February 2009, initially commencing at Knight Frank Valuations before moving to Opteon in mid-2009. For the last 9 years I have worked in various senior leadership roles at Opteon and I am presently the Managing Director for Opteon Australia & New Zealand.


I am driven and strategically focused with a passion for people and property. I consider myself an innovative thinker and have a proven track record in strategy execution. I am experienced in managing significant projects, cultural and operational change and strive for continuous improvement. Over the last 10 years I have supported Assistant Valuer training and development programs as an essential foundation to the valuation industry.  I am a member of Opteon’s Diversity and Inclusion Council. I believe in an inclusive workplace, celebrating diversity and empowering individuals to reach their fullest potential.


Throughout my career I have continued to seek growth and expand my skillset having completed a Master of Business (Property), an MBA and an Estate Agents License. I believe I can leverage my career experience to add value to API’s various stakeholders, identify risks and strategic opportunities relevant to our industry and would be grateful for the opportunity to serve the members of the API as a future Board member.


Previously, I was a member of the API Admission Sub-Committee for 2 years, a role I greatly enjoyed–assisting mentor our future valuers and industry leaders. Since 2017 I have served as part of the API’s Victorian State Committee during which the Institute has undergone a significant period of change.


I am currently a member of the API Victorian State Committee and as per the API Constitution I would relinquish my role with the State Committee if successfully appointed to the API Board. I am unaware of any actual, perceived or potential conflicts of interest. 

Simon O'Brien

Thank you for the consideration of my nomination for the API Board position. I have worked in the property industry as a valuer for15 years, central to this has been my membership to the API. 


I take pride in the industry that I work in and the peak body that governs us. I am confident that I can add a unique perspective to the Board given my specialisation, international experience and link to the insurance industry. I am invested in ensuring the API continues to represent the full membership base through tackling the challenges that affect our industry the most. 


I began as a valuer at an international insurance broker in 2006 and undertaken several roles throughout my career including opening a successful practice in NZ. In 2015 I joined Marsh & McLennan (Marsh) (formerly JLT) to open a valuation practice which I continue to lead today. Marsh is the leading global insurance broker and has close ties to the APIV, API and members through assisting with varying insurance services.  


Starting the valuation practice at Marsh as only one person (myself), I was able to grow the practice quickly and within five years it is one of the country’s leading insurance and financial reporting valuation practices with over 30 property and plant and equipment valuers. This has further seen me expand the practice into Asia and NZ where we have employed the current President of PINZ.  


My career has seen me: 

  • Startand leada valuation practice that is now one of, if not the, leading insurance and financial reporting practices in Australia; 
  • Serve on internal committees such as the JLTRemCo,Marsh Advisory Exec and International Valuations Leadership; 
  • Through Marsh,link with valuers in Asia, Africa, UKand US on a weekly basis and understand global developments; ·Implement market leading valuation technology; ·Relocate overseas and open a successful valuation practice; ·Work alongside thousands of insurance professionals; ·Go through the acquisition of a valuation practice being AssetVal;  
  • Carry out complex valuations invarying industries in Asia, US, Europe, Pacific and MiddleEast; 
  • Train and mentor junior valuersin getting their certification and membership to the API.


A large focus of my career has been in the valuation of assets for financial reporting, insurance and taxation purposes. Through my specialisation I am able to list many of the region’s largest and most complex asset owners in numerous industries as clients. This has seen me travel the world extensively working alongside various industry executives in providing property-related services.


Undertaking valuations outside of the more traditional areas of our industry, such as market valuations for borrowing purposes, has made me appreciate the breadth of our profession and specialists that operate in these unique areas. Property is a wide-ranging industry and I am passionate about our peak body reflecting all members and will provide an important and varied perspective and voice.


Further, I appreciate the strain the valuation profession faces in relation to professional indemnity insurance cover. Working in the insurance industry forover15 years and being part of Marsh, I am in a position that can bring valuable insurance networks and knowledge to the API.


I am a proud member of the API and am committed to addressing the internal and external challenges our industry and the API face. Through my global reach, insurance network and experience in building valuation practices both locally and overseas, I will bring a unique perspective, opinion and knowledge base that will assist the API and its members into the future.