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2014 Annual General Meeting (Draft)




Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting 2015

API Governance

Constitution and Operating Documents

Constitution (May 2014)
Code of Professional Conduct - Effective 15 June 2015
By Laws - July 2015

Operating Guidelines for Committees

Editorial Committee Policies & Procedures

Additional API Operating Guidelines

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Certified Practising Valuer (Plant & Machinery)

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Provisional Member - Residential Property Valuer

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Experience Journal


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Blank Referee Report

RICS Direct Entry

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Guidance Notes

ANZVGN11 Valuation of Self Storage Facilities
Guidance Note as at 1st January 2011 - [view]

ANZVGN12 Market Value of property, plant and equipment as part of a going concern business
Guidance Note as at 1 August 2011 - [view]
ANZVGN13 Valuations for Insurance Purposes
This Guidance Note replaces AVGN 2
Valuations for Insurance Purposes and NZVGN 2
Insurance Valuation Reports.

Guidance Note as at 1st October 2011 - [view]


Valuation Property Standards

International Valuation
Standards Council

FPP Registration Form
Online Risk Management Module Registration
Standing Instructions Registration form

Standing Instructions User Manual

Accredited Courses
Valuation only

Standing Instructions 1.1.2 (June 2015)

Standing Instructions 1.1.1 (August 2014)

Standing Instructions 1.1 (July 2014)

Standing Instructions 1.0 (October 2012)

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Quick Reference Guide

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Principal Changes - Extract from IVS 2011

Download IVS On-line Registration form

Australian Property Institute Valuers Limited

Constitution and By-Laws

Australian Property Institute Valuers Limited Constitution - (10 May 2010)

Australian Property Institute Valuers Limited By-Laws - (10 May 2010)

Information & Compliance

APIV Limited Scheme Information Paper V9 (January 2015)

Cover of Excellence Brochure

Cover of Excellence® FAQs for Consumers

Cover of Excellence® FAQs for Professionals

2015 APIV AGM page

Application & Exemption Forms

APIV Limited Application form for the Limited Liability Scheme Membership - February 2015

APIV Limited Additional Member Application Form - February 2015

*Please note: A 3% surcharge applies to payments made via American Express.

APIV Limited Member Resignation Form - February 2015

Exemptions from the APIV Limited
Liability Scheme


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