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A Certified Practising Valuer Australian Property Institute Certified Practising Valueris a person who, by education, training and experience is qualified to perform a valuation of real property.

Certified Practising Valuers (CPV) have a role at the heart of property as an important part of the Australian economy. They’re usually working quietly behind the scenes in an objective and independent manner to help reduce risk and provide greater certainty for their clients.

Their clients include those involved in business of any description – as well as mum and dad investors they could be, for instance, overseas investors, rural landholders, hotel owners and operators, insurance advisors, stockbrokers, solicitors, mining companies or finance companies.

From buying a house to building a shopping centre a CPV can add value. When an individual is buying a house, the bank or other lending institution will engage a CPV to value the property before making a decision on whether to approve the loan. A simple example of the role a CPV can play at a commercial level is when a developer is planning to build, say, a shopping centre or subdivide land, a CPV will be on board to make sure, for instance, the site is suitable and the developer is maximising their investment potential.

CPVs have always had an important role to play in business, and never more so in today’s volatile economic climate. CPVs, who have to be accredited with the Australian Property Institute (API), Australia’s premier property professional organisation, are industry professionals, the most highly qualified and recognised property valuers and consultants in Australia, with expert knowledge of their local markets.

With their rigorous training and approach, and extensive background and expertise in the property field, CPVs, more than any other valuers, can help minimise investment risk to both lenders and borrowers by offering sound and reliable independent property valuations and associated advice.

Who are they?

CPVs are property industry professionals, all with tertiary qualifications in the field and accredited with the Australian Property Institute (API), Australia’s premier property professional organisation. Some CPVs work in large corporations and property companies; other run small advisory firms of their own. CPVs often specialise in a particular area – it may be, for instance, commercial, residential or rural property, or plant and machinery or in a specific geographical location. All have hands-on experience and an understanding of the very particular conditions, legislation and standards that apply in, each state and local government area that they operate in.

Whatever the size or scope of your business asset or investment activities, there is a CPV specialising in your area of interest, able to provide you with the best possible information to help in your decision making.

Why are they special?

All valuers should be objective and independent. However, CPVs hold a unique position in the property industry. All CPVs have to undergo tertiary training and a probationary period in the industry before they can be accredited with the Australian Property Institute (API), Australia’s premier property professional organisation. Following accreditation, CPVs continue to update their knowledge with regular professional development courses within the API. And this means that rather than dealing solely with statistics or relying on ‘gut feeling’, CPVs have a hands-on, professional approach and work with well-established processes and standards to produce valuations that are robust, reliable and independent.

A CPV is also a consultant/adviser

CPVs do far more than offer property valuations; they can also act as your adviser in developing your business assets, no matter whether you’re part of a large corporation, a fund manager, a private individual, or anything in between.

Having years of on-the-job training and experience in the field, on top of rigorous undergraduate and postgraduate education, CPVs are expertly equipped to give you up-to-date and impartial professional advice in a wide variety of areas. Some of the many areas in which a CPV can help you include pre-purchase or sale valuations, insurance valuations, litigation support, rental assessments, asset and property management, marketing and development strategies, receivership and liquidation support and advice.

If it’s anything to do with business property, the chances are that a CPV will be able to help provide you the best information for your decision making.

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